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BIOASTER has been selected as a TRI (Technology Research Institute). Its main activity is research and development in the areas of microbiology and infectious disease, with strong backing from public-private partnerships. 

In accordance with the principles governing the operation of TRIs, BIOASTER's activities receive balanced co-funding:

  • Mainly private sources: collaboration agreements with industrial partners, European collaborative projects, grants from local authorities, etc.

  • Public sector: the State Investments for the Future program and direct contributions from French government research organizations, such as the Agence française de financement de la recherche et l'innovation (French agency for funding research and innovation)
  A multiyear financing agreement was signed with the National Research Agencyon July 5, 2012. This agreement specifies BIOASTER’s goals through 2020.

The launch of BIOASTER was made possible by the donations and grants of its founders.

As a Fondation de Coopération Scientifique (Foundation for Scientific Cooperation), BIOASTER is a not-for-profit organization but has a long-term goal of self-financing through future income from the use of its research.

That status allows Bioaster to receive donations; BIOASTER is open to any potential partners who wish to co-fund research projects, independently or through a partnership.

For more information about donations: contact@bioaster.org

Key Figures

The founding members are committed to financing the BIOASTER FSC with up to €7.3M. 

During the first three years:

• Launch of 40 R&D projects

€90M in estimated combined financing by private partners, local authorities, and the government

Objective to a nine-year horizon:

• Overall budget of €585M, including €180M provided by the government as part of the Investments for the Future program

Several hundred researchers

30 to 40,000 sq. m. of space, including 5000 sq. m. immediately dedicated to Bioaster on the Charles Mérieux-Lyon University campus in Lyon/Gerland and Institut Pasteur in Paris.


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