A new model for promoting, accelerating, carrying out and adding value to ambitious projects

In between the phases of the acquisition of knowledge and providing the solution for the patient, BIOASTER wants to act as a bridge between the academic and private spheres, technological added value in microbiology, an agile and collaborative organisation that reduces the risks associated with innovation.

BIOASTER is a at the crossroads of 3 revolutions:

Puce 1The first is scientific. This consists of the exploration, that has barely even begun, of networks that control billions of interactions between “stakeholders”: pathogens, immune cells, microbiota, environmental factors, diet, etc.

Puce 2The second is technological. By combining the “omics”, imaging and predictive models with greater computational power and storage, systems biology provides us with tools that are increasingly accurate, in order to understand and manipulate these networks when in a “normal” state and when under threat from illness.

Puce 3The last is medical. This entails the birth of participatory, preventive, predictive and personalised medicine, from the lab to patient bedside, in order to understand both the disease and health.