French Institutes of Technology

In March 2015, the TRI (Technological Research Institutes) decided to gather around an association: the French Institutes of Technology (FIT).

Through this association, they set themselves four objectives:

  • Enhance the attractiveness and promote the model of the TRI, in their structural and organizational diversity, both nationally and internationally.
  • To be the interlocutor of the European Commission so that the TRI find their place within the various research and innovation programs and in particular the H2020 programs.
  • Promote exchanges between its members and the coordination of their actions to optimize their operating efficiency, their development and their sustainability.
  • Develop coherence between the different objectives of the Program of Investments for the Future (PIA), in particular by strengthening the links between the academic and industrial worlds. This coherence can also be illustrated between the TRIs by identifying thematic common axes of scientific cooperation.

The Technological Research Institutes :

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Inter-TRI action “EngageAI” an ambitious project of cooperation to accelerate the transfer of skills between academic research and industry around Artificial Intelligence.

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