Through the combination of the partners expertise in science, technology and development

Through a unique combination of state of the art equipment operated under industry standards

Through possible co-investment on a project-by-project basis

De-risking schema

Ways of working

  • Lean development thanks to ad hoc optimised technology workflow
  • Agility at the heart and early go no go stage gates & all along the project life
  • Partners oriented through co-construction as of as the design of the project
New deal model

A new deal model

  • Rewards & success fees system based on project achievements
  • IP scheme securing partner’s product exploitation expectation
    and protecting BIOASTER interest in technology
Ways of wordking

Exclusive ressources,
industrial standards

  • In-house exclusive technologies
  • State of the art equipments, BSL2&3, + connections with BSL4
  • 80+ result oriented scientific experts coming from academics and industries, transdisciplinarity approach
Ways of working