For any industry, academic institution or SME, who wants to demultiply in the field of microbiology & infectious diseases

If you are a”technology”-oriented SME/industrial group, we can innovate together:

  • Increase your visibility : as a veritable project organisation, where a mix of industrialists from varied fields come together, BIOASTER offers a quality, neutral and controlled environment to promote relevant new technological equipment in microbiology (alpha or beta tester).
  • Broaden your horizons : by relying on advanced and interdisciplinary technological expertise, BIOASTER is able to work with technological partners to push their technology towards new applications in microbiology and to conquer new markets.

If you are a”product”-oriented SME/industrial group, we can innovate together:

  • Accelerate the development of your product : thanks to our scientific and technological expertise and our academic and industrial network, BIOASTER contributes to the development of new technological approaches to address the challenges the industry is facing.
  • Share the risks : BIOASTER can co-invest with partners to help reduce the risk in developing an innovation and accelerate the funding of your project.
  • Broaden your horizons : thanks to our expertise in four areas of applied microbiology, BIOASTER can help maximize and add value to innovative projects in order to expand the number of fields in which they can be applied.

If you are an academic team, we can innovate together:

  • Pre-production : With BIOASTER you can accelerate the development of an idea or concept tested in an academic laboratory to increase its robustness and appeal vis-à-vis the market.
  • Share the risks : co-develop and co-invest with industrialists on ideas or concepts that you’ve already tested in your laboratories.
  • Broaden your horizons : start with ideas and solutions that have already proven their worth, and then orient them towards the field of microbiology to extract greater value.

If you are an investment fund, we can innovate together:

  • Participate in the development of your product or technology.
  • Develop technologies and/or products by co-investing in BIOASTER start-ups/spin-offs.