Bioaster’s scientific projects are conducted in an environment designed to meet industry standards

Our quality, health and safety policies are developed with our employees and partners in mind. Quality of working environment, continuous improvement and laboratory conformity are at the heart of the TRI’s priorities.

Built around a process approach, the quality management system ensures scientific data generated by technological units is traceable and secure.
Our activities reflect our commitment to firmly enforce quality, safety and infrastructure management at the heart of BIOASTER-led projects.

CEO Commitment

Scientific cooperation foundation born from a public-private partnership, the BIOASTER Technology Research Institute (TRI) develops a high quality technological innovation power in the service of new microbiology advances and, what is especially important to us, of patients.

The satisfaction of our partners, the preservation of the health and security of our employees as well as the safety of our devices are at the heart of our preoccupations.

That is why BIOASTER:

  • Answers the needs of partners collaborating with us on scientific projects by implementing the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015;
  • Makes sure that Health and Security are provided to the employees and exterior companies working with us;
  • Guaranties the Safety of all of our activities and devices;

The Quality Management System should help BIOASTER’s strategy focusing on:

  • Integrity, thanks to a continuous and shared work on security, quality and work environment.
  • Organization agility on collective or individual levels for the projects’ success as well as everyone’s self-fulfillment.

As CEO of BIOASTER, I am committed to set up human, financial, organizational and technical means that enable the implementation, maintenance and constant improvement of this Management System, so to accomplish these objectives.

I will follow the progress of the implementation of this policy, for example as part of the management review.

Only the engagement and participation of all the employees of BIOASTER in every single activity will enable the success of these objectives.

Quality, Security and Safety at work all depend on every one of us.

Nathalie GARÇON

Security and quality