Our Mission

  • Developing advanced and innovative technologies to  accelerate your microbiological research.
  • Delivering high-level scientific, clinical and technological solutions to solve complex research questions for animal and human health.


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Access to clinical samples

We coordinate all aspect of new clinical study development. Our duty is to provide our partner with the high standard (ISO 9001) of clinical material. Therefore, we support your scientific activity to find new solution in microbiology and infectious diseases.

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Microorganism identification

The cutting-edge technological platform allowing isolation and characterization of microbiological strains of interest from complex biological samples. In order to increase the value of microbiological collections, we developed a series of diagnostic tests to exploring specific phenotypic traits such as antibiotic resistance, Biofilm formation, quorum sensing, bacteriocins production, etc. Our laboratories are specialized to work in aerobic, anaerobic environment and with highly pathogenic microorganisms – BSL-3 facility

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Molecular engineering

Multidisciplinary players to develop innovative approaches from designing to producing of the complex molecules of your clinical needs. We have designed advance technologies e.g. for alternative antibodies production; enrich lipoprotein production or capsulate drug delivery system. Our in-house capabilities will help you in improvement of new clinical strategies such as design new vaccine, novel diagnostic tolls or drug delivery system.

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Integrated biofilm platform

Integrated biofilm platform (Biofilm-ID) for high throughput biofilm investigation. Our system contains the chain of static and dynamic biofilm models in order to investigate a biofilm formation, prevention and eradication. This platform is suited for biofilm microscopic analysis, multiomic studies of mono- or multispecies biofilms.


  • BindIT – Fast de novo generation of binders

  • NanoCage – Versatile vectorization system

  • Biofilm

  • Anoxic Platform



Advanced Microbiology



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