NOUVELLE NOTE D’APPLICATION publiée sur les Protéomiques avec COVARIS

Application note Covaris

Nouvelle note d’application publiée en collaboration avec COVARIS intitulée:

A Robust and Standardized Workflow to Analyze C. albicans differential Protein Expression using Tandem Mass Tag (TMT)

Yeast samples are difficult to process for protein extraction. They are resistant to chemical lysis and exhibit phenotypic appearances which make them even harder to lyse, especially when it comes to the filamentous subtypes. Mechanical treatments can circumvent the use of multiple heating and cooling steps, but they must ensure an efficient and reproducible lysis. This application note delineates a robust method for reproducible extraction and analysis of almost 3,000 proteins from C. albicans in both its yeast and hyphal forms. The process combines Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) for the lysis, Single Pot Solid Phase Sample preparation (SP3) for clean-up and digestion, and Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) labeling for Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry multiplexed analysis. It can be easily adapted for automated, higher-throughput processing as already demonstrated for mammalian cells and tissues in 8-well strips [1] and 96-well plates [2]

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