Why work with us on European projects and grants ?

Innovation, excellence science, multidisciplinary collaborative projects, training. Here a few key words linked to Horizon 2020 program that we, BIOASTER, fully relate to.

Working together in an Horizon 2020 – and soon Horizon Europe – is not just adding one’s technology or scientific knowledge to a consortium. It is about collaborating in multidisciplinary projects and environments, understanding and adapting to other partners expertise and constraints in a complementary way. This is exactly BIOASTER’s added-value : bringing our state-of-the-art omics and microbiology expertise as well as our experience of working with and for academia, clinical and industry partners.

Horizon 2020, yes, but which funding schemes?

We partner up in various different funding schemes of Horizon 2020:

Marie Skolowska-Curie Individual fellowships or Innovative Training Networks (ITN), collaborative projects under the Innovative Medicine Initiative IMI joint-undertaking, the Health Demographic Change and well-being societal challenge, Food Security societal challenge, biotechnology part of the LEIT pillar, Research Infrastructures, Fast Track to Innovation. Seek an opportunity? Need a partner for your consortium? Want to discuss future collaborations?
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Our past and current EU projects



INCENTIVE is a collaborative project between EU and Indian partners started in August 2020 to advance knowledge of the underlying mechanisms of poor responsiveness to influenza vaccines (IVs) and to develop two next-generation universal IVs. BIOASTER will lead a task (under the Immune Profiling Work Package) to profile peripheral blood transcriptome, proteome and metabolome at baseline and post-immunisation. BIOASTER will receive a 531k€ grant to perform those activities.


The ERA4TB (European Regimen Accelerator for Tuberculosis) project, which started in January 2020, is a public-private initiative dedicated to the development of drugs against tuberculosis. With a budget of over 200 million euros, ERA4TB will focus on developing a new, improved tuberculosis treatment. The partners will share their expertise, knowledge and resources to rapidly progress new candidate drugs into clinical trials. BIOASTER’s teams and omics technologies will participate in the in vitro profiling and in vivo work-packages. Biostatistics methods and approaches will also be applied in the “imaging” work-package. BIOASTER will receive a 1.8M€ grant from IMI to conduct its activites during the 6 years of the project. More information

TRANSVAC-DS (Infrastructure project, ongoing)

TRANSVAC-DS (Design study for a European vaccine infrastructure), further builds on the previous EU-funded TRANSVAC projects (www.transvac.org) and proposes the establishment of a sustainable European vaccine infrastructure. TRANSVAC-DS will describe in detail the maturity of the concept and deliver a five-year business plan that will guide the further establishment of a sustainable European vaccine infrastructure of direct relevance to and benefit for Europe. BIOASTER will lead Work-Package 2 dedicated to the gaps and needs analysis of the research infrastructure landscape.

ImmunoSep (Horizon 2020, ONGOING)

Started in February 2020, this Horizon 2020 collaborative project coordinated by Prof Mihai Netea (Radboud UMC), aims to  identify  novel  biomarkers,  and  therapeutic targets needed for future precision medicine approaches against sepsis. BIOASTER will be involved in the “multi-omics characterization of sepsis patients” and will be in charge of the microbiome platform.


Led by Evotec SE, , GNA-NOW will  work  on  the  development  of novel  antibacterial  agents  to  battle antimicrobial  resistance  in  gram-negative  bacteria. Technologies and expertise from BIOASTER –Transposon Sequencing, Genome-scale metabolomics,  the MetSAMoA® platform among others – will be used  for detailed mechanism of action studies and microbiology profiling. This 6-year project started on July 1st 2019.

Value-Dx (IMI project, ongoing)

The ambition of VALUE-Dx is to transform clinical and diagnostic practice, improve patient outcomes and combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by optimising antibiotic use in Europe by the use of integral value-based diagnostics. In this project, BIOASTER will conduct molecular epidemiology studies in close collaboration with Antwerpen University and all partners from the diagnostic industry, clinic and academia. Kick-off of the project takes place in Madrid on April 1st 2019.

FunHoMic (ITN, ongoing)

FunHoMic is a Marie Curie Innovative Training Network that bring together experts in fungal pathogenesis, immunology, microbial ecology and ‘omics technologies to train 13 PhD students to decipher the fungus-host-microbiota interplay and improve the management of fungal infections. BIOASTER ESR will work on the assessment of the secreted metabolome in Candida albicans.
Find more information about the project here : https://www.funhomic.eu/en

TRANSVAC2 (Infrastructure project, ongoing)

TRANSVAC2 supports innovation for both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine development by offering high-quality technical services across four different platforms to the community (from academia to SMEs) across Europe through call for applications. BIOASTER offers Next-Generation Sequencing and Metabolomics Imaging within the  Immunocorrelates & Systems Biology platform. Find more information about the project and its open calls here

NAREB (FP7 project, completed)

The aim of the project was to fight against Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), proposing nanotechnology solutions by the design, the preparation and the optimization of several nanoformulations of current antibiotics and novel antibacterial drugs. Andrea Tamellini of BIOASTER was work-package leader for the biodistribution and in vivo efficacy studies of the project.
More information here : http://www.nareb.eu/

What about other grants?

We are ready to work in collaboration on other funding schemes (NIAID, EDCTP, Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation and others) so do not hesitate to get in touch about them too!