KALEIDO & BIOASTER: a successful completion

Successful completion Kaleido X Bioaster

Kaleido Biosciences and BIOASTER are glad to announce the successful completion of a collaborative project that provided new insights into ways Kaleido’s Microbiome Metabolic Therapies (MMT™) modulate the integrity and function of the gut epithelium through the gut microbiome. The cooperation of MetaGenoPolis, the INRAE center of microbiome research, significantly contributed to the success of this collaboration.

In addition to the technologies used in this project for the deciphering of host-microbiome interactions (differential gene transcription analysis, cytokine secretion assay and assessment of barrier function of the epithelial cells in vitro), BIOASTER has a variety of additional expertise ranging from commensal species culture, fermentation, preclinical gnotobiotic models to metabolomics and proteomics, targeted and shotgun microbiome sequencing, microfluidics… With this robust technology portfolio,  BIOASTER’s ambition is to keep developing new ones and boost innovation and competitiveness of companies in the fields of vaccines, antimicrobials, diagnostics and microbiome research.

 “The multi-disciplinary approach used in this study allowed BIOASTER to further develop its technological assets for studying the complex interaction between gut microbiota and the human host.” Vincent THOMAS, Head of Microbiome program, BIOASTER