Posters :


  • Combinatorial design for random molecular cloning and screening of high yield expression vectors
    Authors: Mariano N, Mignon C, Stadthagen Gomez G, Donnat S, Lagoutte P, Werle B
    Conference: Recombinant Protein Production, 23-25 april Dubrovnik Croatie
  • BIOSPECIMENS v1.5: a web platform to facilitate collaborative research on infectious diseases
    Authors: Louis K, Rimbault B, Delestre C, Mouscaz Y, Albrieux M, Boisse C, Villet R, Boissy G
    Conference: JOBIM, 2017


  • Evaluation of integrative approaches for the analysis of multi_omics data
    Authors: Novoloaca A, Reynier F, Becker J
    JOBIM, 2016
  • Protein sequence recoding, codon usage bias on the bench
    Authors: Mariano N, Mignon C, Chenavas S, Stadthagen G, Lugari A, Perot C., Donnat S, Lagoutte P, Diot F, Sodoyer R, Werle B
    Conference: PEGS Boston
  • Met-SAMoA (Metabolic Screening of Antimicrobial Mode of Action) Development of an integrated NMR/MS metabolomics approach for the determination of the novelty of new antimicrobials mechanisms of action based on their metabolic signature
    Authors: Bunescu A, Ouattara D.A, Meniche X, Billaut E, Boisse C, Tambosco J and Bequet F
    Conference: ECCMID 2016, Amsterdam, NL
  • Development of an improved protocol for lipid analysis based on heat inactivation of enzymes
    Authors: Meniche X, Ouattara D.A, Hennig K, Sköld K, Boren M, Elias Y, Biliaut E, Bogeat P, Boisse C, Peltier M, Jacob C, Bunescu A, Bequet F
    Conference: IPID MAPS Annual Meeting 2016, La Jolla, US
  • Prevention of metabolite change due to enzymatic post-sample activity using heat based enzyme inactivation
    Authors: Bunescu A, Ouattara D. A, Sköld K, Boren M, Biliaut E, Hennig K ,Bogeat P, Boisse C, Peltier M, Meniche X, Jacob C, Bequet F
    Conference: 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Metabolomics, Osaka, Japan
  • The bioinformatics timeline of the data integration in BIOASTER
    Authors: Mouscaz Y, Cauchard A, Malinovic A, Picandet L, Sapay N, Veyre P and Boissy G
    Conference: JeBiF Workshop @ JOBIM 2016 Lyon
  • Validation of methods to characterize and monitor injury-induced immune deficiency in severe intensive care unit patients
    Authors: Rol M.L, Moucadel V, Cerrato E, Riffaud C, Gallet-Gorius E, Portier A, Demaret J, Tabone O, Malcus C, Rimmele T, Monneret G, Textoris J, Venet F, On behalf of the Realism Study Group
    Conference: Congres ESID Barcelona


  • BIOSPECIMEN: a web platform developed to facilitate research on infectious diseases & microbiota
    Authors: Louis K, Rimbault B, Gaillard C, Costaz L, Guyard C, Khlebnikov A and Troesch A
    Conference: CCO XXXIV European Culture Collections as tools in research and biotechnology. Paris
  • Comparative Analysis – A Balb/c Mice Core Gut Microbiome?
    Authors: Boucinha L, Reynier F, Schwarzer M, Leulier F, van Hijum S
    Conference: The Human Microbiome, EMBL conference, Heidelberg, Germany, June 2015
  • Insight into the Protein and Expression Systems Engineering unit of Bioaster, a technology institute specialized in infectious diseases and microbiology
    Authors: Donnat S, Lagoutte P, Lugari A, Mignon C, Sodoyer R, Stadthagen G and Werle B
    Conference: French Brazilian Biomedical Innovation Forum, San Paoulo Instituit Butantan
  • Controlled ultrasound cavitation for DNA delivery into bacteria and yeast/ Award for best posterCouronne Laurier
    Authors: Stadthagen G, Mignon C, Mestas J-L, Donnat S, Poncet E, Sodoyer R, Lafon C, Werle B
    Conference: International Conference of Synthetic Biology, Houston, Sept 2015
  • Fast protein liquid chromatography based purification of MS2 bacteriophage virus-like particles
    Authors: Lagoutte P, Mignon C, Donnat S, Mast J, Lugari A and Werle B
    Conference: Word vaccine congres Europe, Madrid, 9 au 12 novembre 2015
  • A new animal facility in Lyon Gerland area to explore microbiome
    Authors: Darnaud M, Peltier M, Tamellini A et al
    Conference: 8ème Journée Scientifique de la SFR Biosciences, Lyon
  • BIOASTER: Animal models and imaging competencies to improve chlamydial studies
    Authors: Rekiki A, Darnaud M, Gaudin A , Peltier M, Bogeat P, Tamellini A
    Conference: European meeting on animal chlamydiosis
  • Multi-omics data integration platform in public-private partnership
    Authors: Sapay N, Veyre P, Le Carrour T, Cauchard A, Garnier J
    Conference: JOBIM, Clermont-Ferrand
  • Evaluation of heat stabilization for the conservation of biological samples as an approach for metabolomics: a 1H-NMR/LC-MS metabolite profiling study
    Authors: Bequet F, Bunescu A, Ouattara D.A, Meniche X, Da Costa Jacob C, Billiaut E, Bogeat P, Gaillard C, Peltier M, Sköld K, Boren M, Tamellini A, Guyard C, Troesch A
    Conference: Metabolomics Conference 2015 – San Francisco (US)