Bring together academic, industry and BIOASTER capacities and specific knowledge to accelerate the development and execution of high impact collaborative projects requiring industry compatible innovative technologies


In the field of microbiology, develop and use technology innovations adapted to industrial needs, to accelerate the emergence of medical and nutritional solutions for animal and human health

Mission Vision Value



Integrity is the foundation commitment and quality demands, which in turn are the key to the success of the BIOASTER model.

Integrity is, first of all, based on the responsibility of the management team and everyone involved to take care of the physical and psychological well-being of BIOASTER employees by continuously working together on matters of safety, quality, as well as working conditions and environment.

Integrity also means transparency, honesty and respect, for yourself and others, the organisation and our partners. It entails strict respect of privacy rules, and full and voluntary adherence to regulations that are necessary in life and in business. It also involves ensuring that everyone is treated fairly, and that all individuals show respect towards each other in a caring and supportive environment, on a daily basis.

Integrity is finally a voluntary approach that helps generate the sharing of know-how and the updating of knowledge, as well as greater efficiency through exemplary behaviour. We do what we say, and we say what we do.


Agility on an organisational, collective and individual level plays an essential role, for the success of both projects and individual development.

BIOASTER’s collaborative and partner-based model, which is itself a guarantee of agility, is made a reality, thanks to a new matrix organisation and a project mode of working, which promote accountability, autonomy, opportunities for sharing, constant openness towards others and new ideas.

Agility is the desire to make progress and help others make progress. It is openness and flexibility of the mind that helps you to understand, get to grips with and adapt to changes, seize opportunities and create new types of partnerships. It is the ability to stay curious and to challenge your convictions, so you can continue to innovate.

Agility is, finally, the willingness and the ability of everyone to break down barriers in order to work together and promote friendly exchange.