Beliefs, missions, values

Our purpose: technological innovation


  • Microbial diseases are and will remain a public health threat. The threats have multiple causes; for example, emerging diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and vaccine hesitancy. Microbes’ benefits need to be better exploited
  • These opportunities can only be taken by the translation of scientific discoveries by healthcare companies into solutions that benefit patients.
  • To achieve this, original, high-impact technologies must be developed through public/private collaborations that involve shared risks and returns.


“Our mission is to provide our partners and customers with innovative scientific and technological solutions to accelerate the development of their products.”

  • To design, carry out, and manage collaborative projects in the fields of microbiology and infectious diseases with industrial R&D to improve the care of patients and populations.
  • To identify the key resources and expertise that remove technological obstacles by collaboration and co-investment with healthcare-related companies.
  • To propose a risk and benefit-sharing model within the framework of a not-for-profit foundation.


  • Sharing
Sharing is at the very foundations of the Institute, which was created by a public-private alliance. BIOASTER, as a not-for-profit foundation, participates in a virtuous circle comprising the sharing of the proceeds of innovation by the reinvestment of income in research.
Sharing is also the key to the success of the BIOASTER model: a sharing of economic investments, a sharing of success that should benefit the patient, and sharing between individuals, to develop both the knowledge and expertise of our teams.

Sharing the risks of innovation, the very essence of our economic model, is a major incentive for cooperation among manufacturers who wish to innovate in the life sciences and to accelerate the development of their products, for the benefit of the patient.

The sharing of knowledge; both externally, to create “open innovation” that makes it possible to pass new frontiers in health; and internally, to continually improve the human qualities of the teams and strengthen their scientific and technological skills. In this way, scientific and technological progress can benefit everyone.

  • Integrity
Integrity is the foundation of our commitment and excellence, the keys to the success of the BIOASTER model.

Integrity is first and foremost the responsibility of the management, and is necessary to physically and psychologically benefit BIOASTER employees, through permanent, shared endeavors regarding safety, quality, working conditions, and the environment.

Integrity also involves transparency; honesty; and respect for oneself, for others, for the organization, and for our partners. This means the strict application of the rules of confidentiality and the compliance with appropriate regulations to facilitate the smooth functioning of the institute. It also means ensuring day-to-day fairness and mutual consideration for every individual, as part of a benevolent and supportive attitude.

Finally, integrity involves a proactive approach to knowledge sharing within the organization; the updating of knowledge and the development of efficiency through exemplary behavior. “Say what you do, do what you say”.

  • Agility
The agility of the organization, of teams, and of each individual is an essential component of both the success of projects and the development of the participants.

BIOASTER’s collaborative and partnership model, a promise of agility in itself, manifests as an unprecedented matrix organization and operation in project mode that promotes accountability; autonomy; sharing; and openness to others and to new ideas.

Agility is the desire to progress and make progress. It implies the openness and flexibility of mind to understand and adapt to changes, seize opportunities, and create new types of partnerships. It is the ability to remain curious and to question one’s convictions, to facilitate constant innovation.

Finally, agility is everyone’s will and ability to break out of silos, work together, and promote benevolent exchange.