Working together

Working together

A human adventure

In April 2012, on the initiative of the French government, the Pasteur Institute and Lyonbiopole decided to develop a unique and innovative model to meet the challenges of infectious diseases and microbiology.

A small team of committed collaborators from our founders conceived and built the foundations of BIOASTER that all the employees of the institute continue to grow today.



61 employees
Structure: Paris 600m2 (offices and labs) / Lyon 820m2 (offices and labs)
Teams spread over 6 locations in Lyon (Lyonbiopole, ANSES, IN2P3, Accinov and ISA) and at Institut Pasteur


86 employees
15 projects
New structure: 7 technological units and 4 thematics units


100 employees
Moving into the new building in Lyon with 2,200m2 of laboratories and 1,360m2 of offices, in addition to the 850m2 premises in Paris.
31 projects


Structure: 7 technological units + 1: Bioassays, Microsystems and Optical Engineering
4 programs: Antimicrobials, Diagnostics, Microbiota, Vaccines


110 employees

BIOASTER is a research institute on a human scale where each person is accessible and interaction is encouraged.

How do we do it?

  • Weekly internal newsletter fed by everyone, since 2014, with all the subjects to be shared,
  • Thanks to different channels, everyone can propose an activity, a challenge to take up together!


  • End of year parties organized with all employees,
  • Festive meals,
  • Organization of and/or participation in solidarity events (Run for Her, Make-A-Wish, Blood Donation Drive ….)
  • Sports events (organization of group outings, petanque tournaments, jogging in the park, etc.)

Come with your ideas!

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