HR policy & projects

HR policy & projects

Maintain work/life balance :



  • An agreement on working hours (change to 35 hours with flexible working hours and fixed days) was signed in 2015, introducing 12 days of RTT per year.
  • Possibility of working from home: each employee has a laptop with video conferencing software and a VPN.


  • 60% refund on your public transport pass,
  • Sustainable mobility package and employer committed to the Pro Vélo approach.


  • Lunch voucher
  • In Paris :
    access to the Institut Pasteur restaurant
  • In Lyon :
    – association with meal delivery service providers at work to facilitate the purchase of healthy and balanced lunch. – Cafeteria with self-service microwave.


  • Lyon-gerland Biodistrict
  • Campus of the Institut Pasteur
  • Gerland public park


  • Mutual health insurance with family cover without extra cost.


Listening to employees :

Every year, BIOASTER conducts a job satisfaction survey among employees and an action plan is drawn up on the major areas for improvement.


Managing and developing :

Managers organize regular meetings with each member of their team.

Each year, an evaluation of your objectives (previously established) entitles you to a variable bonus at all levels of the Institute.

Skills development is key to meet the technological challenge :

  • 90% of BIOASTER’s employees attend a training course or conference every year,
  • BIOASTER specifically trains its project leaders.


Welcoming and respect diversity :

  • 15+ nationalities represented,
  • Academic and private research backgrounds,
  • Gender Equality Plan (GEP) – French only-: 2023 Professional Equality Index PDF
    Overall gender equality index of 79%
  • Partnership with companies promoting the professional integration of disabled people (HANDISHARE/ELISE)

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