How do we contribute to tackle technological barriers in the critical phases of your developments?

We deploy or develop fit-to-purpose expertise exploiting our technological solutions applicable to the fields of microbiology and infectious diseases.

Our purpose is to enable you to make possible or accelerate the development of your prophylactic, diagnostic or therapeutic solutions by reducing your risks in your innovation programs, through an end-to-end approach.
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Your needs may focus on a specific problem or a technological barrier that requires a targeted and tailor-made expertise. For example, you need may be, accessing a sample of interest, identifying a new mode of mechanism of action, having a relevant and rubust in vitro or in vivo model, identifying and validating an omic signature as a biomarker, developing an analysis technique or ensuring an analysis of complex multi-source data.

In those various context, at your side, we take the necessary time to understand your specific needs and their issues. We build a project together and we are committed to providing a solution that meets the expected outcomes.

To know more, you are welcomed to read more detail about our different offers and do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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