Latest press releases:

Xavier Morge is appointed CEO of BIOASTER
We formalize strategic collaboration to conduct Next Generation Sequencing technology evaluation in microbiology
FIND and BIOASTER collaborate on clinical research
EVOTEC & BIOASTER partner to build a technology and innovation hub in Lyon
New collaboration Gustave Roussy – IRT BIOASTER
Mologic and Institut Pasteur de Dakar launch accelerated programme to develop rapid diagnostic test for Ebola
Launch of EU Research Project ImmunoSep: Advancing Personalised Immunotherapy in Sepsis
Enterome collaborates with BIOASTER Institute to provide new insights into mechanisms of potential microbiome-derived cancer immunotherapies
BIOASTER Awarded Grant for the Development of Rapid Diagnostics for Neglected Tropical Diseases
BioFilm Pharma and BIOASTER collaborate to accelerate the emergence of a new class of drugs to fight antibiotic resistance and chronic infections
A new collaboration with Kaleido & MetaGenoPolis to investigate the health potential of a novel class of therapies targeting the microbiome
BIOASTER obtains certification to be recognized as a non profit organization in the USA
New collaboration: Debiopharm and BIOASTER join forces to expand research to combat infectious diseases
New collaborative project announcement with Bio-Rad & Genetic Analysis on novel microbiome-based diagnostics.
Announcement of MOSAIC collaborative project about adjuvants with SANOFI PASTEUR
BIOASTER, partner for the TRANVAC2′ s European project (EVI)
Announcement of a new collaborative project with DNDi about Chagas disease
Kick off collaborative project: CODIRA 2
Collaboration between BIOASTER & MaaT Pharma
Press Release – REALISM, an ambitious multi-partners project Oct.2016


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