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Development of a new multiplex technology adapted to Point of Care diagnosis

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BIOASTER has received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop highly sensitive and multiplex rapid diagnostics with Global Access Diagnostics (former Mologic) Ltd and Global Health Labs Inc


While Lateral Flow Assays (LFA) are highly valued as inexpensive, quick, and easy to use in developing countries, the technology has historically lacked the high sensitivity achieved with laboratory analytical reference methods.

BIOASTER will leverage its breakthrough Colicin Immunity Protein (Col/Im) technology to develop, from feasibility to prototype readiness, a unique, low sample-volume, highly-sensitive multiplex reagent platform.


BIOASTER has harnessed the high-affinity interaction of specific bacterial proteins, the Colicin family and its counterparts, as a solid-phase immunoassay technology platform in which one binding partner is deployed as a tag and the other as a capture molecule, offering a much-needed alternative (or addition)

to the long-established avidin/biotin tag-capture system perfectly, adapted to point of care diagnosis.

The primary outcome of this project is to demonstrate the potential of the Col/Im technology as a versatile tool for high sensitive, multiplex diagnostics, through the development of multiplex immunoassay and nucleic acid amplification LFA.


The project  started in December 2021


With demonstrated success, this technology will be applicable to several diagnostic applications to fulfil unmet needs for high-performance multiplex rapid tests,

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Multiway Press Release (2021)