Bioaster Information

We are going through a major and unprecedented crisis, which involves drastically rethinking our lifestyles and work to slow down the epidemic, which is now ubiquitous, allow our health system to best achieve its mission of care and preserve the most fragile of us.

Such a situation brings us back to our “raison d’être”. BIOASTER was created with the conviction that the fight against infectious diseases is never won in advance and that it deserves resources, commitment and collaboration.

We are ready to bring our technological and scientific expertise, our human resources, our laboratories and equipment, to any collaboration to fight stronger against this epidemic.

Mandatory teleworking measures have been taken for personnel who can and those who must ensure an activity in the BIOASTER infrastructures do so in compliance with the most demanding rules in terms of security, hygiene, exchanges and contacts.


Administrative affairs: BIOASTER’s Purchasing and Accounting teams remain operational during this crisis period. We are committed to maintaining our services in working order and in particular to honoring our supplier invoices. To do this, we ask our suppliers to send us from this day your invoices in dematerialized format in the mailbox below: compta[at]bioaster[dot]org

PLEASE NOTE: Paper invoices received by post cannot be processed from Monday March 16 at 4 p.m.