BIOASTER obtains certification NGO Source

« Collaboration today is key both for knowledge and technology innovation issues » Nathalie Garçon @biovisionforum 2016

BIOASTER, the Technology Research Institute (TRI) gives itself the means to develop new partnerships with American foundations invested in the fight against infectious diseases.

The BIOASTER Foundation received an “Equivalency Determination” which allows it to be recognized as a non-profit organization in the United States of America.

This equivalence was obtained at the request of a US foundation at the forefront of the fight for health in developing countries.

This opportunity will allow BIOASTER to strengthen its partnerships with major charitable funders, especially internationally. The fight against infectious diseases in developing countries is indeed inseparable from the action of these great foundations. BIOASTER puts itself in a position to be able to better contribute to the promotion of the health in the world: we will bring our competences to accelerate the development of new health products in the international projects launched with the impulse of these actors.

Nathalie GARÇON, BIOASTER’s CEO & CSO, confirms: “the public-private partnership approach developed by BIOASTER is not limited to relations with industry and the academic world. The non-profit sector also has a key role to play in the development and deployment of effective medical solutions adapted to developing countries. This equivalence opens the door for charitable partnerships in the US and will reinforce the fundraising policy already conducted in Europe.

More information on BIOASTER’s Press release here.