BioFilm Pharma and BIOASTER collaborate to accelerate the emergence of a new class of drugs to fight antibiotic resistance & chronic infections


BioFilm Pharma and BIOASTER announced the signature of a research contract to address the challenge of antibiotic resistance. This collaboration will lead to the deciphering of the mode of action of a new class of drugs.

BioFilm Pharma has identified a new generation of antimicrobials that are actives against the bacterial biofilms frequently observed during chronic infections. This partnership will leverage BIOASTER’s scientific expertise and technology platforms, to further boost BioFilm Pharma’s innovative research programs. These joint efforts should accelerate the marketing of first-in-class drugs for the treatment of infected wounds, primarily Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Osteo-Articular Infections. Such infections have a major impact on public health (amputation, reduction in life expectancy) and on health care cost.

This first project aims at identifying the mode of action of non-antibiotic anti-biofilms molecules through an integrated multi-omic analysis. Anti-biofilm candidates of the study have already shown very promising results thanks to the BioFilm Ring Test® technology patented by the BioFilm Technologies group. As of today, this key technology is the only reliable and standardized in vitro biofilm method focusing on bacterial adhesion

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To better understand the Biofilm, have a look to our video: Infections associated with Biofilm: a major public health issue: