Press Release S.O.L.V.E AMR : joint initiative with Cynbiose, Pharmalex & ICTA

Pioneering initiative to fast-track antimicrobials from R&D to commercialization

We are pleased to share with you the press release on our joint “S.O.L.V.E. AMR” initiative with Cynbiose, Pharmalex and ICTA.

S.O.L.V.E AMR (Solutions for Overcoming and Leveraging Versatile Efforts Against Microbial Resistance)

Briefly, through our expertise, technical platforms and complementary skills, our collective ambition is to support companies that are developing innovative solutions to combat AMR.

This integrated support includes regulatory affairs, market access strategies, risk assessment analyses, non-clinical and clinical R&D services to support the development and commercialization of new antimicrobials.

Download the full Press release here for more information.