ImmunoSEP: New animated video released about EU research project

Personalized immunotherapy

News Release

ImmunoSep: EU research project releases new animated video on personalised immunotherapy in sepsis.

ImmunoSep challenges the standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment approach to sepsis, which currently consists of the prescription of antibiotics and the introduction of intensive care units, by developing innovative options for future personalised immunotherapy. The brand-new animated video, just released by the project, introduces the process and expected outcomes of the research. With the use of an easily accessible language and format it is suitable for a broad, non-scientific audience.

As a member of the consortium, BIOASTER is responsible for the microbiome analysis in the project ImmunoSep !

The clip is available on the ImmunoSep project website ( and on YouTube (

ImmunoSep aims at significantly improving the treatment outcome of sepsis through a precision-medicine approach that reflects the different manifestations of this severe clinical condition in individual patients.