BIOASTER helps its industrial partners to deal with critical bottlenecks and address technological challenges.

Since its inception in 2012, BIOASTER, as an Institute of Research Technology, has been continuously investing in technologies aimed at overcoming technological obstacles relating to samples and advanced data analyses.

In practice, this involves:

  • providing access to every type of clinical and biological samples,
  • providing cutting-edge scientific and technological expertise in the fields of microbial genetics, protein engineering, and bacteriology (aerobic & anaerobic),
  • managing the selection, identification, phenotyping, and molecular characterization of bacterial strains,
  • prototyping and generating integrated solutions in the fields of biosensors, immuno-monitoring, microsystems and microfluidics, and optics and computational microscopy,
  • customizing systems, such as sample processing, liquid handling, signal generation and amplification, signal processing, and data analysis to achieve the objectives of the project,
  • applying cross-cutting data management approaches all along the value chain between raw data and actionable knowledge.
  • deploying innovative data science & artificial intelligence techniques to perform integrated analyses of complex, multi-source data for the benefit of systems biology and translational medecine studies.

Successful project development necessitates the participation of multidisciplinary teams that utilize a range of technologies and the ability to adapt to each project or program.

An Institute such as BIOASTER fulfils these requirements. We implement an agile and scalable organizational center around the project, including key technologies, that is operationally managed by project managers. Each unit makes a unique contribution, and together this creates a continuum of technologies and experimental approaches that span the project from sample generation to complex data analysis.