June 26th&27th, BIOASTER invited to join a Brazilian public-private initiative network

Brazilian public private initiative network

June 26th&27th 2018, BIOASTER invited to join a Brazilian public-private initiative network.

The University of Sao Paulo (USP), private organizations led by the Brazilian health company Eurofarma, public funders like FAPESP and EMBRAPII, and The Albert Einstein Hospital joined forces to build a public-private initiative, called Bandeirantes Drug Discovery, to address the research gap on infectious diseases from Latin America. The launch of this initiative was celebrated end of June through a week of conferences, workshops, networking and brainstorming. Three Foreign organizations, DNDi, BIOASTER and the University of Cape Town where invited to share their experience in public-private partnerships and infectious diseases and define how they could interact with the young initiative, as mentors or privileged partners. Dr. Gilles Courtemanche represented BIOASTER in this event where he gave six lectures, participated in workshops and brainstorming sessions. It was an opportunity to present BIOASTER, its original de-risking model, some of its success and to broaden our network in Brazil. It will probably bring new collaborative projects.

Read more: https://jornal.usp.br/universidade/evento-traz-novas-tecnologias-aplicadas-na-descoberta-de-medicamentos/