Aday@BIOASTER: The race against Antimicobial Resistance!

Merci d’avoir participé à l’évènement Aday@BIOASTER: The race against Antimicrobial Resistance!

Thank you for your participation to our event Aday@BIOASTER: The race against Antimicrobial Resistance!

You will find below the program, some speaker’s presentations (Work in Progress)  and some pictures of the event.

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  • Khaled ABOUSALEH, CEO Zynnon AG, “Reinventing the diagnostic of respiratory infections”
  • Silke ALT, Management Team, DZIF, “Supporting innovators in the early development to fight drug-resistant bacterial infections”
  • Francesca BERNARDINI, VP in vitro biology EVOTEC, “Evotec’s Integrated Drug Discovery and Development Solutions in Antimicrobial Resistance”
  • Benjamin BRUMEL, Scientist-AMR, FIND, “Role of diagnostics in AMR in low- and middle-income countries”
  • Nihal ENGIN VRANA,  CEO Spartha Medical, «Supramolecular Assembly based Antimicrobial Systems for Medical Applications”
  • Frédéric FASANO, CEO Alpioner Therapeutics, “Developing the first KBMA vaccine candidate against Pseudomonas aeruginosa to fight against AMR”
  • Patrick LARCIER, Senior Director CENCORA, PHARMALEX, “Solutions for Overcoming and Leveraging Versatile Efforts Against Microbial Resistance (SOLVE-AMR)”
  • Kim LEWIS, (on-line) Pr Northeastern University, “Antimicrobial Drug Discovery”
  • Didier MAZEL, Head of research lab, Institut Pasteur, “Conjugative-killer plasmids, an alternative to conventional antimicrobials”
  • Carol MUNRO, University of Aberdeen & Co-founder BrIgID Biologics, “Fungal cell wall remodelling in response to antifungal drug therapy: opportunities for new antifungal therapies”
  • Florence SEJOURNE, CEO, Aurobac Therapeutics, “Innovating in Antibacterial Resistance : Challenges and Opportunities”
  • Sophie DIXNEUF, Optical Engineering team leader, BIOASTER,
    HoloMoA: Holographic microscopy & artificial intelligence for determination of the mechanism of action of antimicrobials
  • Ana YEPES GARCIA, Clinical Microbiologist, GSK, “AMR – Tackling the persistent threat to end TB”
  • Lucia PAGANI, Head of XDATA Unit & Derry MERCER, Antimicrobials Program Leader, BIOASTER, New Weapons in the Battle against AMR



Please find below the presentations of: Francesca Bernardini, Kim Lewis, Benjamin Brumel, Patrick Larcier, Sophie Dixneuf, Lucia Pagani & Derry Mercer