Algorithms and microbes: BIOASTER joins other IRTs to accelerate the spread of artificial intelligence in health

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Algorithms and microbes: BIOASTER joins other IRTs to accelerate the spread of artificial intelligence in health.


With the exception of image analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) in the biomedical field is still in its infancy compared to other fields such as robotics or transport. However, the amount of data generated by this field is increasing every day, thanks to the progress of genetic sequencing. The work of doctors and clinicians is becoming more and more difficult.

The deployment of artificial intelligence in microbiology will ultimately provide doctors and clinicians with faster tools and especially more integrative to assist them in their diagnoses. Patients will thus be able to benefit fully and more rapidly from technological advances in the biomedical field, for example the identification of bacteria by genetic sequencing, the early detection of antibiotic resistance or the monitoring of the gut microbiota.

In this context, BIOASTER wants to make the link between the AI ​​and the data science, between technologies of massive acquisition of data (sequencing, microscope imaging, mass spectrometry, aso.), computing infrastructures, tools of data visualization and the questioning of industrialists seeking to position themselves in the field of artificial intelligence. For this, BIOASTER has both acquisition technologies, a data science cluster with strong statistical and machine learning skills, sustained by a software development ability. In addition, its partnership with the CCIN2P3 provides access to exceptional computing infrastructures.

To date, BIOASTER has already implemented high-dimensional data processing pipelines, as well as visualization interfaces for these results. In 2019, BIOASTER wants to launch a new image analysis project in order to master deep learning methods in this field. At the same time, BIOASTER joined “EngageAI”, an initiative of the FIT -French Institutes of Technology- Association, to promote the know-how of the IRTs in the field of artificial intelligence.

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