BIOASTER will animate next Monday 20th may 2019, at 4.5pm, a workshop dedicated to BioTracs-MIMOSA at the RFMF Congress, to present its design and functionalities, and will also present a poster.

The BioTracs project is an effort for standardizing the implementation and traceability of bioinformatics workflows. Initiated at BIOASTER, the BioTracs project is today open to the community in order to bring this architecture to the whole bioinformatics community.

BioTracs-MIMOSA (Mass spectrometry processIng of MetabOlomicS DatA) is a transversal computational application for metabolomics based on BioTracs. It allows building simple to complex pipelines to process and analyze metabolomics data with a high reproducibility and traceability. It is ready-to-use, fast, extendable and designed to handle large metabolomics data. It also allows interfacing available external software and built-in functions for data normalization, statistical analysis and the identification of metabolites.

It is available on BIOASTER GitHub repositories as open Matlab scripts or as a standalone application for non-developer users (