Phage therapy at BIOASTER


#PhageTherapy at BIOASTER

At @Bioaster, we have developed #preclinicalModels allowing

  • To follow the concentration of #phages over time (#pharmacokinetics) in different fluids and organs after administration by various routes
    • On uninfected immunocompetent mice
    • On infected immunocompetent mice
  • To measure the effectiveness of #phageTherapy, alone (1 strain or in a cocktail), in combo with an antibiotic, compared to standard antibiotic treatment, to treat bacterial infections. Readouts can be
    • Clinical (survival, signs of illness, behavior, weight)
    • Microbiological (CFU, PFU, Bioluminescence, fluorescence)
    • Immunological (Cytokines, neutralizing antibodies…)
    • Anatomopathologic (Histochemistry)

For monitoring of infections by bioluminescence, we have transformed the majority of bacterial species on the WHO list of priority pathogens (ESKAPE), in sensitive or resistant to antibiotics versions. Their virulence has been assessed in preclinical models of widespread or of concern human infectious pathologies (Pneumonia, Bacteremia/Sepsis, UTI, SSTI).

All our work is carried out within the framework of ethical authorizations.

You want to know more, to have your phages tested, feel free to contact me at